Airtel Airtels’ India-based wireless communications firm, Telstra, plans to introduce new technology in India to speed up voice calls, data and video calls, with a focus on improving data speeds and data quality

Telstra has announced plans to make voice calls faster, with faster data and data rates.

The telecom giant is planning to offer VoIP voice calling to users of the Indian version of its internet and mobile services, Telenor, by the end of this year.

VoIP calling is a type of voice calling where users talk directly to a computer via a mobile phone.

The technology has a lower latency compared to calling over Wi-Fi or other internet-based voice networks.

The aim is to give users better data and faster speeds.

Telenor said it will offer VoAP calling on a wide range of devices, including smart phones, smart TVs, tablets and computers, and will offer a wide array of voice apps and services in the coming months.

It said that by the year-end, it will launch a new app for VoIP calling on its mobile and internet platforms, Tela-Vue, which will give users instant access to all the features of Telenora VoIP call.

It is not clear when VoIP will be available in the Indian market, but Telenoral said in its statement that it plans to launch VoIP calls on all platforms in the year to come.

Telstra said in a press release that it is planning “to expand the usage of VoIP in India by enabling users to call on multiple devices simultaneously.”

It said VoIP could be used for voice calls on mobile and tablets, video calls and in the enterprise.