Apple, Dell to sell their electronic accessories in India

Apple, the biggest US electronics company, is set to announce plans to sell its electronics accessories in the country later this year.

Apple will sell its iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories in retail stores in the upcoming financial year, according to a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by the company’s global sales, marketing and distribution group.

The filing, which was made to the regulator last week, shows the firm will also sell its digital accessories in a range of retail stores, including the online store Apple Pay.

“Apple will continue to sell the iPad in the United States and its Apple Music streaming service, as well as Apple Watch, Apple EarPods, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Mac accessories, which will be sold at its retail stores,” the filing said.

The US company has also said it will sell accessories for its Apple TV set-top box, as part of a larger expansion of its line-up.

Apple will also introduce the first line of Apple Watches, and Apple Pay, at its flagship stores in India.

In the filing, Apple said the new retail outlets would open later this month.

Apple’s move follows a recent announcement by US rival Amazon, which has launched its own retail stores for digital goods.

The Indian market has been the second biggest in the world behind the US after China, with Apple and Dell leading the charge there.

In November last year, Apple announced it would open a new store in India’s biggest city, New Delhi, and in December it announced it was expanding its retail presence in the city, with more than 100 stores planned across India.

Apple also announced that it would launch its own video app in India in 2018, alongside Apple Pay and its own music app.