Apple unveils new wireless earbuds, headphones and more – AllThingsD

Apple today launched a new line of wireless earphones and headphones, including new wireless Beats Solo headphones.

The Beats Solo is Apple’s latest earbud-like device, but it also has a similar shape to the new Beats wireless earpieces it announced in November, which debuted at the Apple WWDC keynote in June.

“With the introduction of the Beats Solo, we’ve finally gotten to the point where wireless earplugs have finally been put to good use,” Apple said in a statement.

“We’re also excited to introduce the new Apple Wireless Earphones and new Apple wireless headphones.

They’ll be available for $49.99 in the coming weeks.”

The new Beats Solo comes in four color variations, including silver, black, gold and silver, which are available now.

Apple also revealed new wireless headphones, the company said.

The new Beats Wireless Earbuds are a wireless earphone that lets you use them while you listen to music or play a game on your Apple TV, and you can connect them to your Apple Watch and iPhone for seamless streaming.

The new wireless Earbud is also compatible with Apple’s iOS 8.4 and MacOS 10.13.4 operating system.

Apple has also unveiled a new iPad Pro tablet with new iPad mini with a retina display and new iPad Air 2 with a thinner iPad Pro, as well as new iPad models that include a redesigned 12.9-inch Retina display.

Apple announced new wireless speakers at WWDC last year, but they’re still a relatively niche accessory, with only a handful of brands launching them.