Dell Electronics to sell its office furniture, accessories, electronics workbench, and furniture service to U.S. buyer

Dell Electronics will sell its offices furniture, the electronics workbenches and furniture services business to a U.K. buyer who is expected to make a big investment, it said Thursday.

The U.N.-backed International Trade Commission on Thursday fined Dell for “deceptive” practices, saying the electronics giant “deceived” customers into buying the products and services at inflated prices.

Dell’s U.L.G.F.F., which it owns, said it will pay a $300 million fine to the commission, which has been investigating Dell for the past two years.

The fine covers more than 6,000 U.J. products that Dell sold in Europe and the U.A.E., the company said in a statement.

In the past few years, Dell has lost market share to competitors such as Lenovo, Acer and Hewlett-Packard, which also sell desktop PCs.

It also has been targeted by lawsuits from companies that accuse the company of misleading customers.

Dedicated computer repair shops are a popular part of the U,K.


The government said that Dell is the second-biggest PC retailer in the U., behind Tesco.

Dell sells more than 80 million desktops annually, and more than 4 million of them are laptops, according to data compiled by research firm IDC.

The company has been in talks with potential buyers to sell the company’s business, which it acquired in 2008 for $12 billion.

That deal was announced by President Donald Trump, who said he had asked Trump to be a “partner in the deal.”