Dell is working on a new computer system

Dell has developed a new system for the business world, aiming to simplify and speed up the acquisition process for tech startups.

The new Dell EMC Inspiron, a 15.6-inch laptop, uses a hybrid chip and a GPU to help make the machines more efficient and flexible.

It will be available in early 2018.

“We’re focused on the business community because it’s where the future of computing is going to happen,” said Greg McBride, Dell’s head of products, at a keynote presentation on Tuesday.

“Businesses need more compute, they need more storage and they need better security.”

The Inspiron will be the first Dell laptop to have a GPU built-in, as it will be used in future Dell systems.

Dell said it is building a cloud platform for the Inspiron that will be capable of running its own cloud software, enabling it to offer the best cloud solutions.

McBride said Dell plans to offer up to 1,500 servers, with each server capable of hosting up to 8,000 virtual machines, for an annual fee of up to $2,500.

The Inspirons processor is the first to use Nvidia’s Pascal GPU, a new high-performance graphics technology based on the Kepler architecture, which is capable of performing calculations faster than the current mobile chips.

It is the third-generation of Dell’s graphics processors, which have been used in its laptops, desktop PCs and servers.

Dells mainstay laptop line has been criticised in recent years for being too expensive, as some companies, including Dell, have been forced to slash prices and focus on devices that work on tablets.

However, Dell said its Inspiron was designed for a business market where IT is becoming increasingly important.

“I don’t think you have to be a specialist in technology to be successful, and Dell is a pioneer in the industry,” McBride said.

Dissent over cost is also growing among some technology executives, who say Dell is overpaying for its business products, which tend to have higher price tags than its competitors.

“Dell’s product line has become too expensive for the typical customer,” said David Teague, a software entrepreneur and founder of the Startup Capital Group, which helps startups with funding.

“They have to go in a different direction and innovate, and I think Dell’s going in the wrong direction.”‘

Dell should do more’Dells decision to cut the price of the Inspirion was not the first time the company has done so, but McBride made clear it was the first major move the company had made in the company’s history.

“This is a major shift and it’s going to create new challenges for us,” he said.

McWilliams also highlighted the new Dell hardware line, saying the new Inspiron would allow Dell to offer more products at lower prices.

“If we can make it cheaper, we can offer more, more value, and the more value we provide, the more customers will come in and the better the experience for them,” he told the conference.

McBrides keynote presentation was attended by executives from major tech companies including Amazon, Google, Apple, Amazon’s own Web Services division, Intel and Microsoft.