How electronic truck accessories are getting into the US market

Electronic truck accessories company Catec said Tuesday it will open an online store in Washington, DC, starting next month, bringing it to a much larger audience of customers.

The online store will offer the following categories of truck accessories: audio systems, navigation systems, cargo and truck lift systems, air conditioning systems, brakes, steering wheels, tires, lights, wheels, door handles, steering and suspension, and more.

Catec also announced it will launch a digital truck accessory store in New York City, the first such outlet in the U.S. to operate outside the country.

The company said the launch comes as part of a broader effort to grow its presence in the United States, where the company said it sells nearly 50 million vehicles each year.

The digital store is located at and is expected to open in late February or early March, Catecom CEO Jim Hagan said in a statement.