How to get your electronic caddies replaced

A federal judge in Michigan has thrown out a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Caddies Association, claiming the organization is in violation of the antitrust laws.

The suit was filed in February by the association’s attorneys and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the state’s financial development agency.

It seeks to overturn a state ban on electronic cuddling that took effect in January.

Cuddling is when two people sit and hold hands in the same room.

The two have their heads and hands touching and cuddled in a virtual environment.

Electronic caddlers can be used by people of any age and are popular among couples who want to get away from the stresses of the office.

In a statement, the Electronic Curators Association said the lawsuit is without merit and the state is trying to block its members from using electronic cuddle equipment in public.

“The Electronic Curator Association is proud to be a leading cuddler manufacturer in the world, and we are pleased that the courts have affirmed our position that we are in violation (of) the Michigan Anti-Unfair Competition Act,” the association said.

Michigan’s law bans public cuddlers, which include electronic cudettes and cuddle-box cuddles, in the state, though it does not apply to electronic catties used in a business setting.

Critics of the law have argued it infringes on people’s constitutional right to privacy and the right to free speech.

The Electronic Curates Association has argued the bill has been misinterpreted and is designed to punish companies that use cuddlings for their own purposes.

According to the association, cuddle makers like Joyetech, Silly Time, Stiffle and Sillytime offer products that are not cuddly and that are intended to promote intimacy.

A lawsuit by the state has been pending since January and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Michigan ruled against the Electronic Co-opters Association in February.

After the ruling, the Michigan legislature approved the ban on cuddlier devices, and the ban went into effect Jan. 1.