How to install your new Tesla Model S on your electric vehicle

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‘I think you’re going to want to be in the driver’s seat’: Tesla CEO Elon Musk on how to take charge of the future Now Playing’I think that if you have a high enough standard, that it will take you anywhere.’

Tesla CEO to Tesla shareholders: ‘I have a very, very strong belief that we’re not going to be here for long’ Now Playing:’Tesla CEO Elon says he’s ‘very confident’ the company can survive as a standalone company Now Playing’: Tesla’s Elon Musk says he expects to return to CEO position after his retirement in 2021Now Playing: Tesla CEO says ‘I will never be a billionaire’ againNow Playing’Tesla is making progress in the Model S range with new models, including a plug-in hybrid, and more charging stations to come in the future,’ Musk says in the video’There’s a huge amount of innovation that is going on behind the scenes, and we’re going into production every day and getting the product to market.

It’s all very exciting.

We have great things in store for you, and I’m confident that we will be able to provide you with a very high-quality electric vehicle.’