How to keep your smartphone from turning into a dongle

It may be a little awkward to take a phone to the office, but that’s how the smart phone business has evolved.

The idea of a smartphone is changing, and many people are buying them for a whole host of different uses.

For the past few years, the smartphone has also changed.

The devices have evolved from being a mobile entertainment device to a portable device that can be used anywhere.

Today, the average smartphone has more than twice the battery life of the average desktop PC.

It also runs a lot more apps than desktop PCs.

Now, there are two main categories of smartphones: ones that are meant to be used for entertainment and ones that can run your computer.

There’s the new generation of smartphones, called the “smartphones of the future.”

There are several different kinds of smartphones available, but they all have a common trait: They can run multiple computers on one device.

This makes them ideal for people who work from home.

“The smartphone is more of a portable thing than it is a mobile device,” says Steve Ritchie, director of the Technology and Security Lab at the University of Southern California.

“You can take a smartphone anywhere and run it anywhere.”

A phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a smartphone that is one of the most popular devices in the United States, can run a wide variety of different programs.

The device comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and it can be worn in a number of different ways.

It can be a case for your smartphone to slip in and out of your pocket or on top of your desk or in your purse.

It’s an accessory to help you keep track of all your devices.

“A lot of people use smartphones as a personal assistant,” says Ritchie.

“They can send texts, answer calls, manage social networks.

And they can do it from any location.”

The smartphone can be your primary computer.

If you’re looking to use the smartphone as your primary PC, you’ll want to look into a device like the Apple Macbook Pro.

“It’s a computer,” says Rob Smith, a software developer who specializes in Mac and iOS development.

“If you’re going to do some serious work, you want to be able to do it remotely.”

The Macbook is one the most powerful computers on the planet.

It comes with an incredible amount of computing power, which makes it perfect for most applications.

But the biggest feature of the Macbook that makes it so powerful is the built-in camera.

It has a whopping 5 megapixel camera that can record videos for up to 20 minutes.

The camera is great for shooting video, but it’s also great for taking photos of the outdoors.

You can also use the Mac to record pictures of your dog.

A Macbook computer is perfect for people with big families who want to run multiple PCs simultaneously.

If that sounds like you, there’s a good chance you’re running multiple desktops on a single Macbook.

“With the Mac, you’re always going to have a desktop that’s connected to a server,” Smith says.

“And a Mac that’s running a lot of different apps and games on that server.

That’s really where the difference lies.”

A Mac’s built-ins are also great if you need to use them for remote work.

The Mac’s Mac app store, which has over a billion users, lets you install and update software for your computer with a single click.

It lets you add or remove applications, install and delete software, update your computer and more.

And because Macs are designed to run on multiple machines, they can also run multiple applications.

That means you can do things like take a photo of your cat and then upload it to a social network.

But don’t be fooled into thinking you can just copy and paste the same photo onto your phone.

“There are plenty of apps that are built into Macs,” Smith explains.

“Like the Apple Photo Library.

You know, it has a lot to do with your photo album.”

Another app that is designed for the Mac is

If your smartphone can do email, it can also do photo sharing.

And that’s great if your phone has a camera that is able to capture photos.

“Macs can take photos that are quite high quality, so you can upload a photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or any other photo sharing app,” Smith adds.

“But that’s not necessarily what you’re interested in.”

There’s also the option to share photos directly to Facebook.

You’ll need to download an app like Camera App and connect your phone to your computer using USB cable.

This allows you to take photos of your phone’s screen and use those photos on Facebook or Instagram.

The app will automatically upload the photos to Facebook for you to see.

There are also a number other apps that you can use to take pictures with your phone, like QuickTime, a photo editor that