How to save on the most important laptop accessories

Digital accessories like laptops and tablets are getting more expensive, and buying an electronic device is getting more difficult, experts say.

The latest research from the Consumer Reports organization found that the cost of buying digital products, especially laptops and iPads, has risen to nearly $1,500 per item.

In the first nine months of 2018, digital electronics accounted for nearly 30% of total purchases, up from around 15% in 2017, the survey found.

Digital devices, like laptops, have become increasingly popular among consumers because of the high-quality and low-cost components.

But digital products also come with a steep price tag.

According to the survey, consumers spent $1.79 on a $600 laptop in 2018, while an Apple iPad 2 costs $2,799.

Consumer Reports said the average price of a laptop was $749 in 2018.

“Laptops are increasingly becoming unaffordable as we head into the holiday shopping season,” said Mark G. Allen, president and CEO of Consumer Reports.

“And, as we look ahead to 2019, we have to make sure that we’re spending wisely.”