Hyperion’s Hy-Link line of digital audio accessories is the latest to make a splash

The Hyperion line of high-performance digital audio products is one of the latest high-end electronics to make the leap into the consumer market.

Hyperion, a Swedish electronics company, has released a line of audio products that use the Hy-link codec, which offers high-quality audio and digital video signals in a compact, lightweight package.

The new audio products are the latest products from the company that is focused on the audio realm, including its Hy-Tek, Hyperion H2 and Hyperion Pro audio products.

The products are available at a variety of retailers including Amazon and Ebay.

Hyperion has also been releasing its own audio products over the last couple of years, including the Hyperion R-Link, which is also based on the HyLink codec.

The Hy-Line codec is a digital audio codec that is capable of decoding high-definition audio signals, allowing for high-fidelity audio quality and the highest audio fidelity possible.

It also has the ability to convert a video signal to digital audio, making it a highly versatile audio codec.

The audio format is capable for capturing the sound from multiple sources simultaneously.

The Hyperion audio products feature two models.

The first is the Hy Link R-link model, which provides the audio from an external microphone, and it offers the best audio quality in the Hyper-Link range.

The second product is the Hyper Link Pro, which utilizes a standard microphone and features the best video audio quality, but it lacks the ability for a microphone to convert the signal to a digital signal.

The audio products also feature a variety over-the-ear earcups.

The Hyper-Tech, Hyper-Tech and Hyper-Sound earcup sets come with two different models, the HyperSound and HyperTech R-S earcaps, as well as the HyperTec and HyperTech R-s earcap sets.

HyperSound is a larger model that features a smaller mic than the others.

The earcuffs feature an audio clip with a loop, and the earcord has an audio loop.

The earcords also feature the Hyperaudio button that is a push button.

The button is located on the bottom of the ear cuffs.

The headband includes an elastic strap and an ear pad that is designed to protect the ears.

There is also a small clip that fits over the ear, that can be used for attaching the ear pads.

There are two versions of the HyperLink earcuff.

The standard version, which can be purchased for $129.99, is designed for users that prefer smaller ear cords, while the Pro version is designed specifically for users who prefer larger ear cings.

The ears have a soft plastic material that is soft to the touch, and are also made of a soft material.

The ears have an elastic cord that can fit over the ears, and there are two velcro straps that can also be used to attach the earmuffs.

There is also an adapter for those that want to use a wired headset that can connect the earphones to their devices.

The headphones will connect to the headphones via Bluetooth.

The headphones also feature an ear cup holder, which has a microphone clip that can plug into the ear cup, as the ears do not come with an earcup holder.

The microphone clip is also connected to the earcup.

The Headphones are also available with either a USB or Micro-USB charging port.

The USB port is available for charging on the go.

The Micro- USB port, however, does not have a USB charging port and will not charge your phone.

The devices can be plugged into an HDMI port, a headphone jack, or the included USB cable.

The headphone jack is connected to your smartphone via the USB cable, and is designed primarily for audio.

There are also two ports on the side of the device that can accept an external power supply.

There also is a USB port that can charge the headphones.

The accessories include a rechargeable battery, a micro-USB port, and an audio jack that connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

There’s also a micro HDMI port and an USB port.

The headphone and earcings are available in black and white.

The prices for the Hyperlink earcouts are $199.99 for the ear-cups and $279.99 with the headphones, $99.99 without earcans, and $139.99 plus tax for the accessories.

The batteries can be charged through USB or the Micro-B USB charger, or through a wall outlet.

The cable comes with two plugs, one for the headphones and one for a USB cable that plugs into your phone, tablet, or laptop.

There can also also be an adapter included in the box.

There’s also an extra USB port for charging the headphones or the accessories, and a USB and HDMI cable for