NFL electronic accessories packaging overhauled

The NFL has rebranded its electronic accessories and packaging business.

The league announced Tuesday it has purchased an agency that handles packaging and packaging management for its digital media businesses.

The deal is worth $200 million.

The NFL, which has struggled to generate revenue and revenue growth in recent years, had been seeking to diversify into more nontraditional business areas.

The league is a major player in the online video business, and its digital products include its NFL Network and NFL Mobile apps.NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN’s Darren Rovell that the move to purchase the agency was a result of a restructuring effort to bring together its business units and align them more closely.

“It is a great opportunity to improve the customer experience for our customers,” McCarthy said in a statement.

The NFL Network is expected to launch a standalone app on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

The acquisition will allow the NFL to better compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

The move comes as the NFL moves to make its content more appealing to consumers.

It also marks the end of an era for NFL packages, which were seen as a costly luxury.

The packaging overhaul follows a $2 billion buyout of the NFL’s cable networks.

The deal also included a $200,000 bonus for every NFL game that the league played during the 2016 season.