Watch, charger and charger cables: What to know about Apple’s new wireless charging accessories

The new Apple wireless charging cables and accessories are designed to power iPhones, iPads and Macs using a charging cable or USB adapter.

There’s an Apple wireless charger, but it’s not the one that Apple announced on Tuesday.

Apple’s wireless charging accessory is a new wireless charger designed to fit into a MacBook Pro’s slot.

The accessory, which charges the MacBook Pro at 100 percent in a few minutes, is currently only available in Apple stores and online.

Apple doesn’t make wireless chargers available for sale, but the new accessory will be available in some stores on Apple’s website.

The new Apple charging cable is an Apple Wireless Charging Adapter.

Apple is also releasing a new Apple Wireless charging adapter that includes the same USB port, power supply, and wireless charging features.

Apple also said the new charger is designed to charge the MacBook at 100% in a couple of minutes.

The Apple Wireless charger is available in the US and Canada and it works with Apple’s MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

It will cost $49.99 in the United States.

In Canada, it will be $59.99, but in Canada, the device will be sold for $79.99.

Apple says it will soon start shipping its wireless charging adapters in Europe.