Which is the best smartphone? You decide, says Xiaomi

In a new series of articles we’re analysing the best smartphones, smartwatches and accessories to buy in India right now.

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We also look at some of the new Xiaomi devices.

Read more: The Xiaomi Mi Band, the first smartwatch with a built-in heart rate monitor and an NFC-based payment system, is a step up from the company’s earlier smartwatch Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi said the Mi Band has been developed to make people feel more connected to their everyday lives and offer more advanced functionality and fitness tracking than its predecessor.

“The Mi Band is a revolutionary, new wearable device, with a fully-fledged heart rate sensor that is also an NFC card reader.

It is powered by Xiaomi’s Mi Band 1 smartwatch, which was developed to meet the demands of the ever-growing mobile device market.

We are proud to introduce the MiBand 2,” Xiaomi said in a statement.

The Mi Band2 is Xiaomi’s second smartwatch to be launched, following the Mi Watch.

It features a heart rate strap that is attached to the wrist, which will enable users to monitor their health and heart rate without having to leave their home.

The MiBand also has a fitness tracker and fitness app on the wrist that can track your activity levels.

Xiaomi has said the company is working on more fitness-tracking technology, with the MiWatch 2 and MiBand 1 being just the beginning.

The MiWatch has already been out in India for some time, and is being sold in stores as well as on Amazon, Alibaba and other retailers.

Xiaomi says it is working with manufacturers to make the fitness tracking function on the watch more convenient.

Mi Band 2 features a built in heart rate monitoring function that will enable you to track your health and fitness levels without having, at any time, to leave your home.

It has an integrated fitness app, which can track heart rate, step count, sleep patterns and activity levels in real time.

Xiaomi’s fitness app will be available on both Mi Band and Mi Band.

Xiaomi is also planning to launch a Mi Band fitness tracker on the Xiaomi MiBand2 in the near future.